Black Canada Advertising Services FEEONLINE
1. Advertise on Black Canada's Social Network
@BlackCanada & @BLACKcda & @BHMCANADA
Contact us to tell us what to write
We will post it on our Social Network sites!
just email it to us! blackcanada.com@gmail.com
HST + $2.60
Total = $22.60
2. Click to: Register in Black Canada's Business Directory
Valid for 24 months
Your biz will be mentioned in our social network notification & listed in multiple categories
free updates!
just resubmit new biz info using same form!
we will match it up in data base!
Click to register - come back here to pay!
HST + $3.90
Total = $33.90
3. Invite Black Canada to your Biz Location for a Profile
@BlackCanada & @BLACKcda & @BHMCANADA
We will come to your Biz and take pics and videos and Interviews
We will post it on our Social Network sites!
contact us via phone/text/whatsapp/msg to arrange a visit!
HST + $3.90
Total = $33.90
4. Invite Black Canada to cover your Event!
We will take Pictures, Videos and do Interviews!
The info will be posted throughout our Black Canada Social Network!
HST + $3.90
Total = $33.90
5. Contribute to Help Black Canada Grow
If you like our site and can contribute we would graciously appreciate it
Donations will go towards improving services BLACK
6. Sponsor Black Canada (3 Months)
Click to use our online form to contact us to discuss:
Banner/Ad on our Home Page / Favourite Pages / Social Network Links(mentioned periodically)
HST + $13.00
Total = $113.00
Prices In Effect - May 21, 2018 - until further notice!$CDN13% HST Included

You may use our online form to send us your advertisement inquiry.
Also payment is accepted online for all services by PAYPAL. All you require is a credit card and a valid email address to make payments to us online. You may also send payment by Email Money Transfer: EMAIL: blackcanada.com@gmail.com


Black Canada reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and can discontinue an advertising campaign at anytime. Most of our advertising packages are grouped in months. We generally start advertising campains immediately - however for billing purposes we document it as officially starting on either the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month
Eg. If your Ad campaign started on the 5th of the month and it was to last for 1 month, it would be completed on the 15th of the following month.
Black Canada reserves the right to extend the length of an advertising campaign without additional cost to the advertiser. The advertiser will not incur additional fees for such practices. If for any reason that the site is down due to third party causes, Black Canada reserves the right to not compensate the advertiser for lost business.
Prices are subject to change without notice, Please check this page for the most up to date info.
We provide a strong product which includes things such as News Stories, Community Events, Book Reviews and a Business Directory to keep potential customers online. We also use various social media to enhance our website - We trust that you will consider advertising with us.

HST Harmonized Sales Tax Info
Starting on July 1, 2010, you'll see a harmonized sales tax in Ontario. The 13% HST combines the 5% GST and the 8% PST into one tax to be collected by Revenue Canada. Our services are HST applicable because we are a registered company that is obligated to collect HST in Ontario. For more information on HST -- please visit:
HST for Ontario

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